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Escort pesticide label

The information printed on or attached to the pesticide container is the label.
Below this heading may be a statement describing the reason for the restricted-use classification.
Federal EPA registrations are the most common.Apply as first signs of infestation or insect egg hatch peak period as a full cover spray.Under federal law, there are two types of certified pesticide applicators - private applicators and commercial applicators.Net contents The front panel of the pesticide label tells you 1986 ford escort gt review how much is in the container.The statements will warn you if you may be harmed by swallowing or inhaling the product or getting it on your skin or in your eyes.Environmental Hazards This section of the pesticide labeling will indicate precautions for protecting the environment when donna x escort you use the pesticide.Use the signal word to help you decide what precautionary measures are needed for you, your workers, and other persons (or animals) who may be exposed.For example, an apron may be required only during mixing, loading or equipment cleaning.Other items, while generally on the front panel, may be located elsewhere on the label or in the labeling if the manufacturer chooses.These documents do not always accompany the pesticide product when it is sold.A common name is a shorter name that EPA recognizes as a substitute for the chemical name of a product.
The second set, 324, identifies the product.
The product has only slight potential to cause acute illness from oral, dermal, or inhalation exposure.
The signal word is based not on the active ingredient (a.i.) alone, but on the contents of the formulated product.The labeling will contain specific precautionary statements if the pesticide poses a specific hazard to the environment.Know the Law A law passed by Congress in 1947 and substantially amended in 1972, 1975, 1978, and 1988 regulates the registration, manufacture, sale, transportation, and use of pesticides.Applicators must have a copy of the SLN labeling in their possession in order to apply the pesticide for that purpose.The formulation may be named or the label may show only an abbreviation, such as WP for wettable powder, D for dust, or EC for emulsifiable concentrate.The EPA reviews the labeling to make sure that it contains all the information needed for safe and effective use of the pesticide product and the information is backed up by data submitted (or cited) by the manufacturer.The registration number of SLN labeling will include worlds best prostitutes the initials "SLN" and the standard two-letter abbreviation code for the state that issued the registration.Instead, you may have to get the additional directions and requirements from other sources, such as pesticide dealers or company representatives, industry or commodity organizations, land-grant universities, or Cooperative Extension educators.Most pesticide labeling, for example, will warn you not to contaminate water when you apply the pesticide or when you clean your equipment or dispose of pesticide wastes.

Know the types of hazard precautionary statements on pesticide labeling.
The instructions usually include first aid measures and may include instructions to seek medical help.
This reference to other documents is a new practice.


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