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How much does a prostitute charge for head

how much does a prostitute charge for head

Simon, may I ask how much you charge?
Reply Reply With" Monday, 29th April, 2002, 03:16 AM #10 To get these figures, I divided the Upkeep values on page 142 of the DMG by 30 to determine how much money someone would have to make per day to enter them, then assumed.
Crack is cheap out of nessesity (just like whores, you pay for what you get though).So if you want to hire a prostitute, you'll have to pay her pimp the 1 silver for her wage the cost of keeping her the profit the pimp will want to make.How much do you charge for the delivery of bikes?What the market will handle keeping in mind what it costs to do business as well as a good standard of living, thus it would depend on your campaign economics but I'd start the prices at 1 gp with there being no uper end.Do you have any idea how disgusting the guys are that german mega brothel prices use prostitutes?I'd go for 1sp (cheap, at the docks) through 1gp or so (nicer, brothel etc) on to gifts and town houses (for a proper courtesan.).So it's probably about right for your average prostitute.Reply Reply With" Monday, 29th April, 2002, 01:38 AM #8 THat's why you have the cheap ones.Well, I don't know how much you charge by the hour.
And once I'm there, I'll determine how much to charge you.
They live in nice places with silk sheets.
A few thousand a night.
Oh you mean in game, sorry.
Subtract the two values and you know how much paper to charge to the user.
A dirty street rat sort of whore can probably be had for the cost of a cheap room (1-2 silver) plus about a silver to get her interest, but your PCs will be coming down with diseases that the Cleric may have annoying questions about.
How much do you charge for that show?No way crackhead could afford.When it comes to prostitution there are many different kinds.Meager (Miserable street rat, 10 marks per day 1 to 2 cp per mark Poor (Street walker, 5 marks per day 8 cp per mark Common (Brothel whore, 4 marks per day 3 to 4 sp per mark Good (High-class prostitute, 1 mark per day.THey take the clients they want (ussually have certain clients that come by once a week).I know how much they charge for those villas and I know how much they pay.I dont understand his phone OS (he uses one of those launch apps) so its been quite difficult to get access.Reply Reply With" Monday, 29th April, 2002, 01:56 AM #9 About two grand for a good one in Vegas.

Thats why I want to know rough costs, so I can keep an eye on money and see if it is something he is doing or not.


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