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current USN fleet positions.
USS Carl Vinson was readying to get underway on the anchorage of Karachi when the Pakistani navy delivered an unexpected blow.
Quinton van Zyl Harpoon3.6 African Sideshow Date/Time: ize/Duration: Location: West Africa Playable sides: nato, Soviet Union Type: AAW, ASW, ASuW A secret Soviet base has been detected in Africa.After-Action Reports 3 Bundy Harpoon3.6 Buckshot Date/Time: 2 December 2005 Size/Duration: Location: Taiwan Strait Playable sides: US Navy Type: ASW, ASuW Its early 2004 and China has launched a surprise attack on Taiwan.Claudius Nissl Harpoon3.6 Survivors of Son Tay Date/Time: 12 September 2002 Size/Duration: Location: Vietnam Playable sides: USA Type: AAW After the Vietnam War, most US POWs were released but some were still unaccounted for.Please do not leave messages for the girls in their Review section.Long Live the Shah story Harpoon3.6 Persian Glory Date/Time: 15 September 1984 Size/Duration: Location: Middle East Playable sides: Iraq, Imperial Iran Type: AAW With a large advantage in military muscle over its traditional rival, Iraq, Iran has been pressuring its neighbor to make new concession.Bundy Harpoon3.6 The Kra Isthmus Date/Time: Size/Duration: Location: Southeast Asia Playable sides: Malaysia, Thailand Type: AAW, ASW, ASuW China has finally put into effect its string of pearls strategy of forward bases and energy security.Japan is about to be proven deathly wrong Bundy Individual Monster (Oversized) Scenarios disclaimer: These scenarios are extremely large and may run slowly on most computers.
Bundy Harpoon3.6 Battle of the Maldives Date/Time: 15 September 1992 Size/Duration: Location: Maldives, Indian Ocean Playable sides: India, USA Type: AAW, ASW, ASuW The Indian prime minister has ordered air strikes on a new US base in the Maldives as well as a blockade.
Download battleset Harpoon3.6 Approach Date/Time: 15 February 2008 Size/Duration: Location: Baltic Playable sides: Germany Type: AAW, ASW, ASuW The operation to recapture Kaliningrad has begun.
But before the carrier sails through the giuk gap, putting her strike aircraft out of range of Soviet targets, the battle group will risk a handful more strikes designed to delay the expansion of the Soviet beachhead at Bodo in northern Norway.
Klaus Behrmann Harpoon3.6 Return of the Air Force The Iranian government will release more than 200 aircraft which escaped during the Gulf War back to Iraq.
The San Carlos plans were now presented to the full British Cabinet and the go ahead was given.
Bundy Harpoon3.6 Epervier Date/Time: February 1986 Size/Duration: Location: Libya/Chad Playable sides: France, Libya Type: AAW On the 10th of February 1986, Libyan forces initiated a three-brigade offensive into Southern Chad threatening the capitol of NDjamena.
Harpoon3.6 Norway Part 11: Avengers Date/Time: 19 September 1985 Size/Duration: Location: Norway Playable sides: nato Type: ASW, ASuW The majority of the small prostitutes news in zimbabwe Norwegian Navy, consisting mainly of frigates and coastal defense vessels, has either been sunk or forced to retreat along with the rest.Bundy Harpoon3.6 The Fighting 25th Date/Time: ize/Duration: Location: Indian Ocean Playable sides: Indian 25th MV Squadron Type: ASuW Pakistan and China have begun to gain a foothold in Indias smaller neighbors to the West in an attempt to contain their regional adversary.A Chinese Kilo submarine will attempt to locate and neutralize the Taiwanese facility using combat swimmers.The decision was therefore made to stage a withdrawal from the region and evacuate base personnel and remaining military forces by way of a helicopter extraction.Paul Bridge Harpoon3.6 Hide and Seek Date/Time: 30 November 2005 Size/Duration: Location: English Channel Playable sides: fost Forces (Allies) Type: AAW, ASW, ASuW This scenario covers a Surfex 429 which is a long range encounter exercise.But with the Cold War coming to an end, it was decided to secretly send in a seal team by submarine to demolish the station.With the initialization of hostilities, the submarines have been tasked with hunting down Soviet ballistic missile submarines.After-Action Reports 1 Harpoon3.6 Caspian Monster Date/Time: ize/Duration: Location: Caspian Sea Playable sides: Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia, Turkmenistan Type: ASuW The Caspian Sea is not as peaceful as it looks.Its purpose is believed to be the clearing of all Iraqi naval units from the Gulf.The task of removing this threat has been given to eighteen B-52Hs at Dyess AFB in Texas, USA.Harpoon3.6 Norway Part 3: Counterattack Date/Time: 14 September 1985 Size/Duration: Location: Norway Playable sides: nato Type: ASW, ASuorwegian Hauk class MTB squadron has launched from its base near Tromso and is closing on the Soviet beachhead at Harstad.

Malaysia and Indonesia square off in the busiest waterways in the world.
If this operation succeeds it will be the first step to retake all of Norway, and natos Atlantic lifeline to Europe will be secure.


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