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WMD PossessionReal or ImaginedActs as a Deterrent The Iran-Iraq war and the ongoing suppression of internal unrest taught Saddam the importance of WMD to the dominance and survival of the Regime.
This refusal to publicly condemn the terrorist action led to further international isolation and opprobrium.
A month later, the unsc decided to review the status of sanctions every sixty days, giving the former Regime hope that the end of sanctions was nearing.
Even Taha Yasin Ramadan, one of Saddams more independent-minded underlings, acknowledged that the use of CW saved Iraq during ground fighting in the Iran-Iraq war.Trying at the same time to distance himself, however, he assured his liverpool whore houses listeners that, had he been notified about it ahead of time, he would have prevented the assault, because when I pardon, I mean.Upon their return from Jordan, he and his brother were detained, separated from their families, and placed under house arrest.The RG Security Directorate of the SSO conveyed instruction from Husayn Kamil and Qusay to the SRG elements that were hiding material and documents, and SSO political officers at SRG units often knew the whereabouts of the hidden material.While there is no evidence Saddams control of the Regime slipped, many of his lieutenants saw a sharp lessening of Saddams attention to detail and an absence of his previous desire to ground proof high level advice through field inspections.Saddam sought to punish Khomeini for his meddling and also sought to reestablish total Iraqi control over the Shatt al-Arab waterway, Iraqs primary outlet to the Persian Gulf.Saddam was convinced that a show of force would be sufficient to deter an invasion.After Irangate, Saddam believed that Washington could not be trusted and that it was out to get him personally.
While Coalition forces ousted Iraq from Kuwait, Saddam maintained his grip on power inside Iraq, as well as his conviction that the key to successfully defending Iraq was to possess WMD and an effective means of delivering them.
He also met frequently with key technocrats, such as in the Minister of Military Industrialization, who oversaw MIC.
Saddam gave him security, and some military responsibilities, but never significant political, scientific or economic tasks in government.
Concealment failures ultimately compounded issues raised by unscom.Walid also managed and coordinated this activity.The Iraqis also studied Janes publications for information on foreign weapons systems.Former Regime officials state that the Iraqi security services, along with select military elements, played critical roles in guarding Saddam and other key members of the Regime, enforcing Regime policies, and protecting Iraqi military and security activities.Many of these responses were lengthy and detailed.Former Minister of Defense Sultan Hashim Ahmad Al Tai: We knew the goal was to make the Regime fall.The Higher Committee displayed from the outset all the dysfunctional characteristics of administration under Saddam.Moreover, they were weakened by the Byzantine administrative practices common to the higher levels of the Regime.Interwoven into this basic fabric of Iraqs interaction with the UN were equally significant domestic, international, and family events, all influenced by and reflective of Saddams strategic intent.Imad Husayn Ali Al Ani, closely tied to Iraqs VX program, alleged that Saddam had been looking for chemical weapons scientists in 2000 to begin production in a second location, according to reporting.Absorbing Kuwait as Iraqs 19th province was viewed as having historical justification and being the key to revitalizing Iraqs economy.Anyone who obeys his orders will be punished by execution, by order of the Leader, The President, God Bless Him.Aziz personally awarded several individuals substantial oil allotments.


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